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Missouri Omnibus Nursing Home Act provides protection to residents and employees

The Missouri Omnibus Nursing Home Act was enacted as a response to public concerns about the adequacy of state laws, regulation and oversight of the nursing home industry. 

Who Protects the Patients?

The Missouri Board of Healing Arts falls short.

Tort Reform Legislation is Unconsitutional
Expert Witnesses

The Doctors’ Fraternity

Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Doctors and Hospitals Enjoy Shortened Statute of Limitations

Tort Reform

Medical Malpractice Litigation Dramatically Reduced

Collateral Source Rule

No Evidence of Insurance Allowed in Missouri Courts

A Word About Auto Insurance

What you may not know about auto insurance


Criminal and DWI Defense

If you’ve been questioned, searched, or arrested, it is hard to imagine the power the State has when its criminal law enforcement officers put you on the spot. Whether you were wrongly accused, overcharged, or plainly need a defense to police intrusion or charges brought against you, call us immediately at (314)  726-5252 or (636) 916-3300 or click above to send us an email.


Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes Including:

  • Assault 
  • Drug posession/manufacturing
  • Attempt to distribute drugs
  • Weapons charges 
  • Theft
  • Driving while intoxicated

Joseph Rubin has extensive experience in defending criminal, DWI and traffic offenses. Mr. Rubin spent 15 years prosecuting such cases and has defended them for more than 26 years.  We have successfully defended numerous DWI cases and literally thousands of traffic charges.

At The Rubin Law Firm, we will listen, advise you, design a defense plan, and quote you fees that are reasonable, competitive and designed to allow you the best representation at a cost you can handle.

Our representation is aggressive and goal-oriented. We take our motto of “helping people find higher ground” to heart and we will provide you, your friends and loved ones what we promise:  Monster representation at reasonable fees.

copcarOften your personal life and your employment and educational opportunities are at risk in the handling of your criminal, DWI, or traffic charges. A conviction or plea may limit your options years later. In order to keep your current job or allow you future opportunities, it is critical to resolve your case in the best possible manner.

At The Rubin Law Firm, we are extremely sensitive to these problems, and these issues are always central to the representation of our clients. We recognized that you need to be afforded the opportunity of making a living and improving your lot in life. Your future is of the utmost importance to you, and to us. These goals are always at the forefront of our representation.

We are at your service to provide you the very best in legal representation. The power of the state must be respected, but it cannot go unchallenged. At The Rubin Law Firm, we are the men for the job.

We can assure you the best representation at a reasonable fee.

If you, a family member, or a friend need help with a criminal, DWI, or traffic matter, click the "Call Me"button at the top of this page or call us (636) 916-3300 or (314) 726-5252.